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  • Preliminary
  • Art in Photography
  • The Photographer’s Control
  • Over His Subject
  • The Choice of Subject
  • On the Mountain
  • Various Subjects
  • Figures in Landscape
  • Another Day Out
  • Talk in the Billiard Room
Hol Art Classics #3

Letters on Landscape Photography
Henry Peach Robinson

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“Henry Peach Robinson was perhaps the most influential voice in nineteenth century photography. No other photographer so consistently produced major works of art, was bestowed with so many commendations and medals and was so much a proselytizer of a coherent theory of photographic art … Even more important than his pictures, however, Robinson’s writings stand as the first complete photographic art theory in the English language.”
—Robert A. Sobieszek (from his introduction to Robinson’s Pictorial Effect in Photography)

Working at the end of the Nineteenth Century, photographer Henry Peach Robinson was best known for his zealous, and highly adept, use of combination printing—creating a single image from multiple negatives. He was also an accomplished writer and this short book from 1888 remains one of his most endearing. In practical instruction and personal anecdote, it extols his unyielding belief that capturing the natural beauty of the landscape required the helping hand of props, costumed models, and a spare negative or two. Popular upon its original publication, in today’s era of easy, continuous and nearly limitless digital manipulation, this century-old text resonates again.

This expanded, classic edition has been newly set, carefully edited, and fully optimized for e-book reading. Along with the main text, it includes:

  • A complete listing of Henry Peach Robinson's published books
  • Art and museum suggestions to see Robinson's work
  • An extended essay on the author

Reprint Edition. First published serially in nine issues of The Photographic Times, in 1887, and then in book form in 1888 by Scovill Manufacturing Company, New York.
Cover image: Morning Mist, 1893. Henry Peach Robinson. Toned platinum combination print.